Career Coaching

For the past 20+ years I have been building the career I dreamt. I went to university and got an MSc in Computer Science that I thought would unlock all the doors. It didn't. In fact, nobody has ever asked me for that piece of paper. Ever. I went on a transformative journey and moved from Spain to Finland just because it was the complete opposite of what I was used to. I wanted a challenge and get out of my comfort zone. I have done stand-up comedy, I've spoken at conferences in front of thousands of people and believe it or not, I'm quite the introvert. I've got a decent job that paid fairly well and decided to quit because it didn't match my ethics so I took on another job that paid less but made me happier. I worked on a startup that went bankrupt during the Christmas break and I knew about it when my card got declined because the salary didn't come through. I have built products and apps used by millions across the world. I have successfully grown teams and mentored people that weren't quite sure how to professionally grow. I always wanted to be a pilot and 7 years ago I finally got my private pilot license, something that I never thought I would be able to afford. Now, I even have my own plane!

Career coaching is not only about getting the career you want but the life you've always dreamt about. Your career aspirations are within reach, and I'm here to help you achieve them. In today's competitive and ever-evolving job market, the value of a career coach cannot be overstated. Whether you're just starting your career journey, looking to climb the corporate ladder, considering a career change, or seeking to enhance your professional skills, a career coach can be a vital asset to your success. As you career coach I can help you with:

  • Personalized Guidance. I offer tailored guidance and support that aligns with your unique goals, strengths, and aspirations. I will take the time to understand your individual needs and provide personalized strategies to help you achieve your career objectives.
  • Clarity of Purpose. One of the most significant benefits of working with a career coach is gaining clarity about your career goals and the path to achieving them. I will assist you in defining your vision, values, and ambitions, which is essential for making informed career decisions.
  • Skill Enhancement. A career coach identifies areas where you can improve your professional skills and provides guidance on how to develop and refine them. This skill enhancement can make you a more valuable and marketable professional in your field.
  • Overcoming Career Obstacles. No career journey is without its challenges. I will assist you in navigating workplace difficulties, addressing career roadblocks, and finding effective solutions to overcome obstacles.
  • Career Transitions. If you're considering a career change or transitioning to a different industry, a career coach can guide you through this process. They help you identify transferable skills and create a strategic plan for entering your desired field.
  • Confidence Building. Career coaches help you build confidence in your abilities and articulate your value to employers or clients. Increased self-confidence not only enhances your career prospects but also positively impacts your overall quality of life.

Who Can Benefit from Career Coaching?

Career coaching is suitable for professionals at all stages of their careers, from recent graduates to mid-career professionals and executives. It's also beneficial for individuals considering a career change, entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses, and anyone seeking to enhance their career prospects and job satisfaction.

How does it work?

  • Book a free 40 minutes sample coaching conversation so we can decide if we are a good match.
  • Transformative work takes time. Clients typically work with me for between three to twelve-months of bespoke 1:1 coaching.
  • Two to four hours scheduled 1:1 sessions each month over Zoom.
  • Ongoing feedback and ad hoc provision of related resources (articles, podcasts, videos).

If want to get more from your career then book your first free sample coaching conversation or drop me an email and share some details.

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