Career Coaching

Career Coaching

I will help you to build the career and life you want, navigate career transitions, discover your passion, and achieve your professional goals.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

I will help you to expand your range as a leader, strengthen your leadership skills, enhance your communication, and become a more effective and authentic leader.

Marcos Holgado, career and leadership coach

Come fly with me

I coach highly motivated individuals that are eager to unleash their potential. For the past 19+ years I have lead teams in technology companies, ranging from small startups to huge multinationals. I have scaled teams up through mentoring and coaching. I have guided upcoming leaders to give up self-limiting thoughts and help them to experience new ideas and explore options to develop their leadership range. I have developed products and apps that are used by millions across the world.

Seven years ago I achieved my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. I have done stand-up comedy, I've spoken at conferences in front of thousands in many countries like Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, etc. I've worked internationally in the UK and Finland and lived overseas.

I managed my first team almost 10 years ago and I quickly realised how much I enjoyed helping others. Since then I have trained with LifeLabs, Co-Active Training Institute, Aspire, LeadDev and many others in pursue of growing my coaching practice over the years.

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"Marcos has pushed me in the last 9 months to think more about how I manage my time, to avoid burning out as it happened towards the end of a long project, and how to prioritize what I want to work on based on its impact." - Mobile Lead Developer
"Marcos is a really good coach.His upfront style when giving feedback and suggesting action points are very effective." - Senior Backend Developer

"Marcos is a natural leader who has the knack for identifying strengths in an individual and then channeling that person towards utilizing those strengths. During the last 9 months he has helped me countless times as a mentor and coach, pushing me in the right direction by providing solid advice and guidance. He is hands off but also steps in at the correct time when needed." - Lead Engineer
"Marcos has provided me with very good advice when I first became a manager. Particularly great how concrete a lot of the advice was, it was very actionable, and gave me actual things I can do right now. He really helped me be more effective as a very suddenly minted manager in adverse circumstances." - Engineering Manager
"Marcos has never made me feel inadequate or silly for asking questions. I feel comfortable chatting to him about any number of topics. The one best thing most probably would be the ability to decompose complex problems and find a solution by questioning different aspects of a problem." - Senior Engineer

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