How to write and automate performance test
- 14th Feb 2019 @ MobOS Romania (Cluj-Napoca)

Performance testing has always been neglected by developers. We write unit tests and integration tests but for some reason we never test the performance of our apps and when we do is already too late because our users are complaining about it. It has not been historically easy to write these tests and we usually rely on manual testing, which is not really accurate, or complicated tools that we don’t even know how to use or we don’t understand. But, is there an easy way to write and automate performance tests? Yes there is, and I’m going to show you how you can do it.

In this talk you will learn how to take advantage of some not well-know APIs that can help you a lot with performance testing. We will write some simple tests using those APIs, iterate over them and improve them while looking at the different metrics that you can use. To finish off you will also learn how tools like leakcanary help you detect memory leaks in your tests. By the end of the talk you will be able to walk away and start adding performance tests to your apps, show your company the value they add, and hopefully, getting them to invest more into performance testing.